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Special Issue Gestion 2000

The Journal Gestion 2000 is the Scientific partner of MASCIK 2021. The Special Issue of Gestion 2000 will include proposals for articles on the following themes only:

  • OI contribution to sustainability in a managerial perspective
  • Critical studies on measures linking OI
  • Innovation performance and sustainability
  • Critical studies on responsible innovations
  • Finance for development within a sustainability framework
  • Co-creation between businesses and consumers for the development of sustainable consumption
  • CSR and open innovation

Gestion 2000 will examine the articles preselected by the MASCIK 2021 Scientific committee on the basis of a minimum two reviewings. After another round of evaluation led by Gestion 2000, the Journal will select a maximum of 5 articles for the Special Issue. The other proposals will be either published (outside the Special Issue), will follow the standard evaluation process of the Journal, or will be rejected.

Be careful : Papers accepted at MASCIK 2021 will not be accepted by Gestion 200 de facto.


Location and Contact

ESSCA Lyon Campus
4 Avenue du Pont Pasteur
69 007 Lyon, France
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